The way to Earn Easy Money in RF

Well a RF player do have an intense gatling gun and used an Exploding ammo to scatter attacks from mobs and earn RF Gold and also selling RARe ores for 450k, but his income is not enough, he want to be filthy rich so I can buy good and brand new Intense sets! My armor set is not good enough for farming and it's not intense.

He do have a 2 Terra amulets that contains 10 avoidance each, but still weak in dodge rate, and his Pain Intense Siege bow is not enough for farming. We do have a premium account service that will provide 2x loots, 2x exp and 2x PT.

Make an level 40 Metal smiths and use the guard towels to farm, earn like 50m per day, or you can use him to craft stuffs and sell it for money. Every pro player must have 1 level 40 Metal Smith you should make another char, one ID consist of 3 slot of char right?

Fill one of them with specialist then you create some armors or weapons or the money you have collected from one of your char will become yours, it like finishing some task or quest you will earn RF Online Gold.

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