Grasping pet tips

 Pet Forest Gold is rewarding pay attention to as well as the two necessary conditions in Pet Forest when referring to grasping the pets. One is "pet capture skills”, another one is the "pet trap ", due to the Pet Forest skills which are installed with card equipment, so it can be just used in battle after equipping the "pet capture skills” on the pets taken .also, you need to take the "pet trap "into the pet backpack, not a human bag! That’s only good preparation for grasping pets.
In addition, the capture card and capture device has a skill level of distinction, bronze (5Y), silver (1G), Cheap Pet Forest Gold (10G), and platinum (20G), this four levels, the rate of success increase with the level, it is proposed that the players best level up to 20, only to grasp after learning the platinum grab, will save you a lot of energy and time. Catcher up silver can not be bought with Pet Forest Money; fortunately, it sent 50000M Buy Pet Forest Gold currency at first, and "remote control dice" is also necessary props for grasping pet, and it can help you avoid unnecessary fighting to grab the pet you wanna directly!
Patting him when grasp the pat, and it will add the rate of dropping blood and Pet Forest Power Leveling. (personal feeling), and then is your RP, coupled with your patience will certainly catch the pet you want.

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