The way to gain Aion gold

As we know that aion gold is important for leveling up .Starts to flush the level path is difficult, generally uses 6-and-a-half day of time only then to 30 levels. Then the free time practiced the gold metallurgy to 199 does not have the aion kinah. But where is the money come from? First doubts, explodes the equipment, explodes the material, and sells the thing to the store. This is the basic game coin income. And this is individual can gain. The following needs to say is not the money which the average person can gain. 30 levels before we did not need saying that why? Because 30 levels of before has sold 100W buy aion gold, at that time the price is especially low. True making is starts from 30 levels, what that most makes money is what matter?
The occupation plays family rules first: Populace's thing is cheaper than the auction room, others 10000, and 9999, and others 10W, my 9W9. As far as possible early produces goods, is the kingly way! The occupation plays family rules second: The rare goods casual pendulum price, we draw an analogy, just opened 30 level of time, you have knit 33 level of blue color clothes, as soon as looks at the auction, nobody has this type , The attention, I meant this type, did not mean that must have this kind of thing

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The way to Earn Easy Money in RF

Well a RF player do have an intense gatling gun and used an Exploding ammo to scatter attacks from mobs and earn RF Gold and also selling RARe ores for 450k, but his income is not enough, he want to be filthy rich so I can buy good and brand new Intense sets! My armor set is not good enough for farming and it's not intense.

He do have a 2 Terra amulets that contains 10 avoidance each, but still weak in dodge rate, and his Pain Intense Siege bow is not enough for farming. We do have a premium account service that will provide 2x loots, 2x exp and 2x PT.

Make an level 40 Metal smiths and use the guard towels to farm, earn like 50m per day, or you can use him to craft stuffs and sell it for money. Every pro player must have 1 level 40 Metal Smith you should make another char, one ID consist of 3 slot of char right?

Fill one of them with specialist then you create some armors or weapons or the money you have collected from one of your char will become yours, it like finishing some task or quest you will earn RF Online Gold.

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Making-Money in Smithing


Good profession can make more runescape power leveling for your leveling up.Smithing can be a very tedious skill, but with a lot of effort, you can make millions (Even in freeplay!). The basic idea of runescape money making with Smithing is to take any ores you bought or Mined, and Smith them into bars which can be sold like that, or made into something else. There are three or more ways to make runescape gold from Smithing, and they both require a lot of steel bars. The Freeplay Smithing method requires a higher level than the Members method, but the Freeplay version can also be used by Members to runescape2 gold.

You can also make buy runescape gold by smithing Iron Knifes. This method requires Smithing level 22, Iron Ores (can be mined at level 15, or bought from other players) and a Ring of Forging (can be made with crafting level 34 and Magic level 49 or bought). Just to buy runescape money to join the game.

First of all, buy or obtain Iron Ores and a Ring of Forging. Smelt the Iron Ores into Iron Bars while wielding a Ring of Forging. Then smith the Iron Bars into Iron Knifes. This way you can make a profit of 68 runescape gp per bar even when you buy all the materials. When you get all the materials yourself you can make a profit of 175 runescape2 gp per bar.

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Guide for Pet Forest

There are many ways to make Pet Forest Gold in game .Other than receiving equipments from quest and instance rewards in; many people think that good professions should earn more Pet Forest Money, and wonderful equipments .Player can also forge your own equipments to meet your needs. After gathering enough materials, talk to weaponry master NPC to create your equipments. Select the desired equipment type, level, quality, and you will see the required materials and cost needed. Pet Forest Power Leveling can help you level up fast and save your time if you have no time to level up your character in Pet Forest.

Type: You can create weapon, necklace, ring, cloth, pants, hats, shoes and gloves. They can exchange Cheap Pet Forest Gold .or it is a proper way for you to Buy Pet Forest Gold.

Level: You can create items from level 0, 10, 20, 30, all the way up to 100.

Quality: Quality is suggested by item name color. From the most basic level to the highest level will be: white, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.

Forgeable: The list will be updated according to the previous three options you have selected.

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Grasping pet tips

 Pet Forest Gold is rewarding pay attention to as well as the two necessary conditions in Pet Forest when referring to grasping the pets. One is "pet capture skills”, another one is the "pet trap ", due to the Pet Forest skills which are installed with card equipment, so it can be just used in battle after equipping the "pet capture skills” on the pets taken .also, you need to take the "pet trap "into the pet backpack, not a human bag! That’s only good preparation for grasping pets.
In addition, the capture card and capture device has a skill level of distinction, bronze (5Y), silver (1G), Cheap Pet Forest Gold (10G), and platinum (20G), this four levels, the rate of success increase with the level, it is proposed that the players best level up to 20, only to grasp after learning the platinum grab, will save you a lot of energy and time. Catcher up silver can not be bought with Pet Forest Money; fortunately, it sent 50000M Buy Pet Forest Gold currency at first, and "remote control dice" is also necessary props for grasping pet, and it can help you avoid unnecessary fighting to grab the pet you wanna directly!
Patting him when grasp the pat, and it will add the rate of dropping blood and Pet Forest Power Leveling. (personal feeling), and then is your RP, coupled with your patience will certainly catch the pet you want.

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Some ways for making money in N.E.O online

An auction.

As we know that good professions should earn more NEO Online Gold and wonderful equipments. I do not know how some people think, armor is such a good skill only to sell with 5 NEO Gold, and a sale of ice for 10? Perhaps the players may feel ridiculous, but there are someone does make this sale! Sometimes when see these books sold at that price, I take it directly as no need to Buy NEO Gold for high cost. And then make a new auction with 10 times price as before. It will take Less than an hour to sell out.

Come back to see a few books after beating monsters. In particular, the system shows that a certain BOSS is killed. The auction is a channel of disposing stolen goods. Try to look at the auction at this time; there will be always someone who contributes some good things for all.

A stall

A lot of NEO Gold Seller put up things without making neo gold for too many goods. Such as body 10 stone and Agility 8 stone I have seen many times, just need to click, they are for you. You needn’t?


I do not know what day it is, in cents skills "airborne toxic technique" suddenly plummet from dozens of D to 4-5D. I even borrow Cheap NEO Gold to buy all down and then make an auction of all at the price of 12D and sell out in two days with Each earning the profit of 7 N.E.O GOLD net.

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FFXIV experience

 FFXIV GIL will save your time in FFXIV .I have so much nostalgia from FFXI, so much. The adventures, the people and breathtaking. I went to Europe last summer and actually met up with 3 of my old ls mates who lived there. The whole experience is a great chapter in my life.
But, sadly, other then you getting in touch with the whole mechanics of FFXI are about all you will get out of the game. Like, that seems really harsh, but here what I think you can acquire from the game that could help you get into FFXIV more.
1. The mechanics seem familiar to me from watching FFXIV game play videos. It seems different, but familiar. If you get the hang of FFXI's battle system and controls, maybe that will get you used to the controls in 14. you will get better equipment with FFXIV Power leveling.
2. Friends. These little guys are about the most important thing, in my opinion, in FFXI or FFXIV. The community of FFXI was unbeatable by any other MMO community that I've experienced. These guys are so helpful, and in FFXI, they will be a critical part of your advancement (I would say =/). Maybe if you get into FFXI long enough you can make some real keepers that will go into 14 with you ,sometimes ,choose to make a team or party for it is easy to get cheap ffxiv gil.
3. The memories. These can't be achieved by you. Yes, you could definitely make some friends and have some good times, but after you are done with FFXI and you move on. Well, I know that you will quit prematurely for FFXIV, and you won't have enough to really look back. Hope you have a good time with Buy FFXIV Gil.

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